Romantic Things To Do In Portland Oregon

If you’re looking to do something romantic with your spouse in portland oregon, you can do a lot of things together, from having a romantic dinner, sightseeing at a tourist spot, seeing a night out, looking for gifts either for a birthday or for something else. You can stay romantic with your wife.

Romantic Dinner In Portland

If you’re celebrating a birthday, or you just want to get closer to your wife you can have a romantic dinner at the best restaurant in portland oregon. Some of the restaurants that you can visit include:

Mucca Osteria

Mucca osteria is a well-known italian restaurant in portland, the food served there is quite good and the atmosphere is also very romantic.

This can bring you and your partner closer.

The prices offered by the restaurant are also quite affordable, starting from $8 to $45. There are various italian dishes that you can try with your partner

Portland City Grill

If you want to enjoy a romantic dinner, incomplete if you don’t eat steak, and the portland city grill has a very good steak and is sure to be enjoyed by many.

 The atmosphere of the restaurant is also quite romantic because you can see the view of the city and also the scenery around portland. This restaurant is also known as happy hour.

Romantic Vacation In Portland

If you want to take a walk you can visit some romantic places in portland including

Lan Su Chinese Garden

The lan su chinese garden is one of portland’s greatest treasures as it has many interesting things to see. Lan su was made by one of the chinese artists who designed it with the theme of the botanical garden.

You and your partner can see the architect design and also the beautiful natural scenery typical of china there.

It will create romantic moments with your partner.

You can take a photo together for memories.

Portland Japanese Garden

Besides the chinese garden, you can also see the japanese garden in portland, this tourist spot presents beautiful japanese views both from the architecture, the garden and also the design.

This tourist spot is closed tuesday, and is open from wednesday to monday from 10.00 to 15.30.

Because of its beauty you can use this to get closer to your partner, and use one of the romantic things you can do in portland

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