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Missisipi Blues Festival is held in missisipi

What is a blues festival?

the blues festival is a festival that focuses on blues music only, the blues genre originally came from african-american in south america, but in the end it is increasingly known in the world, and many blues music lovers from various backgrounds and from various ethnicities.


It’s the same thing in Mississippi, many blues music lovers in Mississippi are waiting for a blues music festival in their area, but this festival is not held every month or every year.

But usually at least once a year there will be a music festival in Mississippi.
You can also participate in the blues community in Mississippi so that if there is a schedule for blues music events, whether small or large, you can participate in it.

How much is the blues festival ticket

Blues festival tickets cost around $65 to $125, depending on how big or small the event is. Singers and bands who are invited are also included in determining whether or not blues festival tickets are expensive.

Mississippi Blues Festival

If you are a blues lover and are in Mississippi you should try to come to the Missisipi Blues Festival which will be held in 2022.


There are several music festivals in Mississippi, both blues festivals and other festivals,
What music festivals will be in the Mississippi in 2022

  • 2022 laurel christmas event
  • 2023 clarksdale Film and music festival
  • Deep Blues Festival 13-16 October 2022

Clarksdale film and music festival is basically not focused on blues music alone, but on music and film in general.
But if you take part in the festival, you can enliven it with blues music that you bring.
while the deep blues festival is a special festival of blues music

Mississippi Deep Blues Festival

Missisipi’s Deep Blues Festival will be held on October 13-16, 2022, which will invite artists including:

  • JON Spencer & the HITmakers
  • Rachel Ammons
  • Robert Kimbrough Sr. BluesConnection
  • The Tiger Beats
  • Buffalo Nichols
  • Heartbreak Hill

festival ticket prices are $65 and $125,